Welcome Channel

A welcome channel can quickly and efficiently alert new members of the server rules, where to make tickets, etc.

To set the welcome message, simply supply your first argument as a channel and the rest being the message you want to send. You can include any one of the variables listed below.

-welcome <channel> <...message>

The welcome messages has many different variables you can use such as the username, tag, server name, etc.

-set-welcome-msg <...message>

-welcome #welcome Hey {user}, welcome to {server}!
welcome #welcome Hey {user.tag}, welcome to {server}! We now have {server.size} members.
welcome welcome {user} just joined the server!
welcome #join-log [NEW MEMBER]: {user.tag} ({user.id})
welcome --off

• {user} - Mention the new member
• {user.discriminator} - The member's discriminator (Fyko#0001)
• {user.discrim}
• {user.tag} - The member's tag (Fyko#0001)
• {user.id} - The member's ID (188242504670380033)
• {server} - The server's name
• {server.name}
• {server.id}- The server's ID ()
•{server.owner}- Extends all the same items fromuserabove.
•{server.size}- The server's member count

If you would like to suggest more replacements, join our support server.

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