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Addition of ticket updates, reaction-to-open panels, custom timezone and more!

Ticket Updates

This update introduces ticket updates, a system that will alert the ticket opener if they've not responded to a ticket after 5 minutes. To enable the updates system, simply run -updates.
Toggling updates
Update notification

Ticket Reaction Panels

This update also introduces the ability to make a ticket panel from any message with any reaction emoji. It's as simple as -panel create #channel messageID :emoji:.
Panel create command usage
Ticket panel

Custom Timezone

This update adds support for the setting of a custom timezone for logging and future implementation.
Only time zones from this page are permitted.
Setting of timezone


  • Made the helpcommand prettier
  • Made the stats command prettier
  • Fixed a bit-field error with the invite command
  • Gave Sapoto a festive Santa hat
Last modified 3yr ago